The Book of Isaiah
1Ancient Israelite Clothing and Jewelry and Isaiah 1 – God’sCase Against Judah
2The 8th Century Prophets: Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, & Micah and Isaiah 2 – The Promise of the Last Days
3The Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III and Isaiah 3 – The Judgment of the Lord
4Stonehenge and Isaiah 4 – Blessings Under the Messiah
5The Mighty Assyrian Empire and Isaiah 5 – The Parable of the Vineyard
6The Day of Atonement and Isaiah 6 – Isaiah Commissioned
7The Syro-Ephraimite War and Isaiah 7 – The Sign of Immanuel
8Assyrian Social Structure and Isaiah 8 – Prediction of the Assyrian Invasion
9The Philistines and Isaiah 9 – A Divine Child Israelites Only Hope
10The Annals of Sargon II and Isaiah 10 – Assyria to be Destroyed
11External References of Jesus and Isaiah 11 – The Branch Out of Jesse
12Do you know God’s name? and Isaiah 12 – Thanksgiving for God’s Salvation
13Babylon and Isaiah 13 – The Doom of Babylon
14Who are the Chaldeans and Isaiah 14 – The Armies of God’s Wrath
15Beards and Hairstyles and Isaiah 15 – Moab’s Devastation
16The Nations in Prophecy and Isaiah 16 – The Divine judgments About to Come Upon the Moabites
17Damascus and Isaiah 17 – The Burden of Damascus
18Chemosh and Isaiah 18 – An Oracle about Ethiopia
19Nebuchadnezzar II and Isaiah 19 – The Doom of Egypt
21Allah the Moon God and Isaiah 21 – Elam and Media Defeat Babylon
22Pagan Gods and Goddesses and Isaiah 22 – A Burden about Jerusalem
23The Cities of Tyre and Sidon and Isaiah 23 – A Burden about Tyre 
24Edom and Isaiah 24 – Judgment for Universal Sin
25Petra and Isaiah 25 – Praise the Lord
26Purgatory and Isaiah 26 – Song of Rejoicing in Judah
27The Plain Truth About the Catholic Church and Isaiah 27 – Israel to be Delivered
28The Abecedaries and Isaiah 28 – Woe to Ephraim
29The Rosary and Isaiah 29 – Doom to the City of Jerusalem
30Cuneiform and Clay Tablets in the Ancient Near East and Isaiah 30 – The Folly of Reliance Upon Egypt
32Sin Versus Iniquity and Isaiah 32 – Israel’s Ultimate Deliverance
33Is History Repeating Itself? and Isaiah 33 – The Distress of Judah
34The Great Isaiah Scroll and Isaiah 34 – The Judgment on the Nation
35The Holy Ghost and Isaiah 35 – The Return to Zion Promised 
36Hezekiah Against the Assyrians and Isaiah 36 – Sennacherib Taunts Hezekiah
37Ancient Prisons and Isaiah 37 – Isaiah’s Message to Hezekiah
38The Sumerian Prayer Letter of King Sin-Iddinam and Isaiah 38 – Hezekiah’s Sickness
39Sennacherib’s Campaign Against Merodach-Baladan and Isaiah 39 – Hezekiah’s Folly and Exile
40Faith and Isaiah 40 – Comfort for God’s People 
41Freewill and Predestination and Isaiah 41 – God Will Help Israel
42The Chosen and Isaiah 42 – The Mission of God’s Servant
43Baptism and Isaiah 43 – God Will Redeem His People
44Idols and Idol Making and Isaiah 44 – God’s Blessing Upon the Nation
45Cosmology in the Ancient Near East and Isaiah 45 – Promises of the Influences of the Holy Spirit
46The Virgin Birth and Isaiah 46 – Babylon’s Idols and the Lord 
47The World of Jesus’ Time and Isaiah 47 – Judgment Against Babylon
48The Political World in Jesus’ Time and Isaiah 48 – Obstinate Israel
49Homosexuality and Isaiah 49 – The Servant’s Call
50Salvation: Can You Lose It? and Isaiah 50 – Sin Separates Israel from God
51Textual Criticism and Isaiah 51 – The Lord Will Deliver His People
52Where is the Devil Right Now? and Isaiah 52 – God Will Restore Jerusalem
53Medical Assistance versus Idolatry and Isaiah 53 – The Vicarious Sacrifice of Christ, Jehovah’s Servant
54Precious Stones of the Biblical World and Isaiah 54 – Blessings Through the Servant
55Drugs and Isaiah 55 – The Great Invitation
56The Eunuch and Isaiah 56 – Strangers included in the Blessing
57The Beginning of Drug Use and Isaiah 57 – The Blessed Death of the Righteous The Abominable Idolatries of the Jewish Nation Promises to the Humble and Contrite 
59Why Did Jesus Pray and Fast? and Isaiah 59 – Sin, Confession, and Redemption
60The Offering of King Ashyahu and Isaiah 60 – The Dawn of Zion’s Glory
61Sin and Confession and Isaiah 61 – Good Tidings of Salvation
62Teachers of the American School System and Isaiah 62 – The Restoration of Zion
63The Winepress and Isaiah 63 – Vengeance and Redemption
64What is Being Taught in American Schools? and Isaiah 64 – A Confession of Sin, and Afflictions Bewailed
65Darwin vs. God and Isaiah 65 – Judgment and Salvation
66Humanity and the Divine: Comparing the Bible to the Myth of Atra-Hasis and Isaiah 66 
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