The Book of Jeremiah
1Apostles and Prophets and Jeremiah 1 – The Prophet’s Call
2False Prophets and Jeremiah 2 – Israel’s Faithlessness
3Jesus’ Transfiguration and Jeremiah 3 – The Call of Jeremiah
4Jerusalem and Jeremiah 4 – Judgment from the North
5The Synagogue of Satan and Jeremiah 5 – Futile Search for an Upright Man
6The Last Days of Jerusalem and Jeremiah 6 – Jerusalem Under Siege
7The Destruction of Shiloh and Jeremiah 7 – Judah’a Idolatry and Immorality
8DNA and Jeremiah 8 – Punishment of Sinful Israel
9The Israel Town and Home and Jeremiah 9 – Message of the Temple Gate
10Church of Satan and Jeremiah 10 – The Living God and Dead gods
11The Illuminati and Jeremiah 11 – Judah Has Broken the Covenant
12Voodoo and Jeremiah 12 – Jeremiah’s Prayer 
13Is Technology Evil? and Jeremiah 13 – The Parable of the Girdle
14The Atrad Ostraca and Jeremiah 14 – Judah Beyond Deliverance
15What Does God Want? and Jeremiah 15 – The Message on the Drought
16The Monk on the Hill and Jeremiah 16 – Punishment and Promise
17The Kuntillet Arud Inscriptions: The Lord’s Asherah? and Jeremiah 17 – God, the Hope of Israel
18Pottery-Making in Bible Times and Jeremiah 18 – The Parable of Potter and Clay
19Skull and Bones and Jeremiah 19 – The Sign of the Potter’s House
20Dangerous Cities and Jeremiah 20 – Jeremiah and Pashur
21The Desire for Justice in the Eloquent Peasant and Jeremiah 21 – Zedekiah’s Prayer: God’s Answer
22Ramat Rahel and Jeremiah 22 – A Burden About Evil Kings
23Martial Law and Jeremiah 23 – The Remnant and the True King 
24Satan’s Children and Jeremiah 24 – The Burden of the Lord
25The 70 Years of Captivity and Jeremiah 25 – Judah’s Captivity
26Satan’s Puppets and Jeremiah 26 – Jeremiah Arrested and Released
27Adolph Hitler and Jeremiah 27 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Victory
28Satan’s Jews and Jeremiah 28 – Jeremiah Exposes Hananiah
29The Problem of the Septuagint Version of Jerusalem and Jeremiah 29 – A Letter to the Captives
30The Talmud and Jeremiah 30 – Restoration of Israel
31God’s Children and Jeremiah 31 – Summary: Israel in the Last Days
32Baurch, Scribe of Jeremiah and Jeremiah 32 – Jeremiah Buys a Field
33Scribes and Jeremiah 33 – Promise of Restoration
34The Hittite Ritual of Passing Between the Pieces of a Sacrifice and Jeremiah 34 – Zedekiah’s Broken Promise 
35The Lachish Ostraca and Jeremiah 35 – The Rechabites
36Lachish and Jeremiah 36 – The Reading of the Roll
37Sea People and Jeremiah 37 – Jeremiah’s Imprisonment
38The Hittites and Jeremiah 38 – The Miry Dungeon
39The Kassites and Jeremiah 39 – The Fall of Jerusalem
40Gedaliah, Governor of Judah, and Baalis, King of Ammon and Jeremiah 40 – Jeremiah Released
41Quick Biblical History and Jeremiah 41 – Jeremiah’s Prophecies to the Remnant in the Land
42Henotheism and Jeremiah 42 – The Flight to Egypt
43Are All Sin’s Equal in the Eyes of God? and Jeremiah 43 – Jeremiah Carried to Tahpanhes in Egypt
44Fear and Jeremiah 44 – The Refugees Rebuked
45The Queen of Heaven and Jeremiah 45 – Encouragement to Branch 
46Memphis and Jeremiah 46 – The Prophecy About Egypt
47Pharaoh Amasis II and Jeremiah 47 – Prophecy about the Philistines
48Hophra, King of Egypt and Jeremiah 48 – The Prophecy Against Moab
49Alexander the Great and Jeremiah 49 – The Prophecy Against Ammon
51The Weather and Jeremiah 51 – The Prophecy Against Babylon Continued
52Jehoiachin in Captivity and Evil-Merodach and Jeremiah 52 – Downfall of Jerusalem
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