Song of Solomon

The Book of GenesisHeaven and Earth – Day 1 – 4004 B.C.The Firmament – Day 2Dry Land – Day 3The Sun, Moon, and Stars – Day 4Fish, Bird and Creatures – Day 5 and Prehistoric Creatures, Part 1 of 3
God Speaks and Things Happen and Prehistoric Creatures, Part 2 of 3The Animals and Creeping Things – Day 6, Part 1 and Prehistoric Creatures, Part 3 of 3Man – Day 6, Part 2The Garden of EdenAdam Feeds the Animals and Euphrates and MesopotamiaEve and Marriage
Marriage and SexDivorceWhy Did God Create Man? and End of CreationThe Sabbath – Day 7 and Geographical IntroductionLife on Earth Begins and The Fall of Man ReturnCaught and The Serpent Motif in Other Ancient Near Eastern Literature
The First Human Sin and Serpent SeedFirst Animal Sacrifice and What is Animal Sacrifice?The Power of SinBirth of Cain and AbelFirst Murder & Ancient Roman Law and PunishmentCain's Punishment and Vagabonds & Human Brandingt
Replenishment of the Earth and Filled to the BrimGiants, 3769 B.C. and Giants of B.C. & A.D.Before the Flood and Noah – The PersonWho Was Noah? and Noah’s ArkThe Flood – 2349 B.C. and Noah’s Ark FoundLife After the Flood and Ancient Flood Narratives
God's Promise of the Rainbow and Explanation of the RainbowThe Sins of Noah and Ham & Table of NationsTower of Babel – 2242 B.C. and Proof of the Tower of Babel.Who Was Abram? – 1996 B.C. & Abraham's HomelandEgypt and Old Testament WorldOn the Way to Sodom and Gomorrah
War to Sodom and Gomorrah & Hollywood: The Sodom and Gomorrah of TodayA Child is Promised and The Patriarchal Period- Mesopotamia During the Time of AbrahamIshmael is BornCircumcision and Naming of ChildrenSarai Laughs and The Role of Patriarch in Family Life/a>Sodom and Gomorrah - 2349 B.C.& Sodom and Gomorrah Explained
Fire and Brimstone & Fire and Brimstone ExplainedZoar & The City of ZoarAbraham and Abimelich & The World of PatriarchsWho Was Isaac? – 1896 B.C.Isaac Offered as a Sacrifice to God - 1871 B.C. & Custom and Law in Ancient MesopotamiaDeath and Burial of Sarah - 1859
A Bride for Isaac – 1856 B.C.Abraham and Keturah and Jacob/Isaiah Isaac’s Covenant - 1804 B.C. and Rights of the First BornJacob Steals Esau’s Blessing – 1760 B.C. and Ancient City of HaranJacob’s Dreams and Paddan AramRachel and Leah and Ancient City of Nuzi
Jacob's Departure and The Twelve Tribes of IsraelJacob Wrestles with an Ange and Ancient City of MarilRape and The HurriansMoving Again and The City of BethelJoseph's Dreams -1728 B.C.Judah and Tamar & The Tribal Allotments of Israel
Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife & The Two BrothersJoseph Interprets Dreams & Dreams in Ancient TimesPharaoh’s Dreams - 1715 & Ancient Egypt and Freud
Famine, Part 1 of 2 – 1708 B.C. & Famine in Ancient Egypt
Famine, Part 2 of 2 – 1708 B.C. & Evidence: Famines & Diseases Abound.
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