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 The Book of Ezekiel
1Do Not Lay Up for Yourselves Treasures on Earth and Ezekiel 1 – The Vision of the Four Creatures
2Astral Worship and Ezekiel 2 – Ezekiel’s Commission
3The Tower of Babel Today and Ezekiel 3 – Warning to Israel
4Introduction to The Lost Cities of The Near and Middle-East Evil (1 of 8) and Ezekiel 4 – Symbol of the Seige and Exile
5Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Catalhoyuk (1 of 8) and Ezekiel 5 – Ezekiel Acts out the Diaspora of Judah
6The High Places and Ezekiel 6 – The High Places to be Destroyed
7Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Petra (2 of 8) and Ezekiel 7 – And End is Come
8Dushara and Ezekiel 8 – And End is Come
9Tammuz and Ezekiel 9 – The Slaughter of the Idolaters
10Nabataean gods and Ezekiel 10 – The Glory of the Lord
11Temple Abandonment and Ezekiel 11 – Ungodly Rulers to be Punished 
12Thailand and Ezekiel 12 – Captivity Symbolized
13Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Persepolis (3 of 8) and Ezekiel 13 – Prophecy Against False Prophets
14Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Babylon (4 of 8) and Ezekiel 14 – Call to Turn from Idols
15The Mystery of Ancient Man (Part 1 of 3) and Ezekiel 15 – The Parable of the Vine
16The Mystery of Ancient Man (Part 2 of 3) and Ezekiel 16 – The Judgment Upon Israel
17The Mystery of Ancient Man (Part 3 of 3) and Ezekiel 17 – The Eagles and the Cedar
18Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Troy (4 of 8) and Ezekiel 18 – The Soul that Sinneth Shall Die
19Life in Babylonian Captivity and Ezekiel 19 – Lament for Israel’s Princes
20Babylonian Captivity: Nebuchadnezzar (2 of 11) and Ezekiel 20 – Israel’s Apostasy
21Babylonian Captivity: Geography (3 of 11) and Ezekiel 21 – The Lord’s Sword
22Babylon Captivity: Government (4 of 11) and Ezekiel 22 – The Indictment of Jerusalem 
23Babylon Captivity: Housing and Furniture (5 of 11) and Ezekiel 23 – Two Adulterous Sisters
24Babylon Captivity: Diet and Foodstuffs (6 of 11) and Ezekiel 24 – The Parable of the Boiling Pot
25Babylon Captivity: Clothing (7 of 11) and Ezekiel 25 – Prophecy Against Ammon
26Babylon Captivity: Family Life, Part 1 of 2 (8 of 11) and Ezekiel 26 – Prophecy Against Tyrus
27Babylon Captivity: Work, Travel and Commerce, Part 2 of 2 (9 of 11) and Ezekiel 27 – The Lament of Tyrus
28Biblos and Ezekiel 28 – Tyrus’ Pride and Ruin
29Babylon Captivity: Warfare  (10 of 11) and Ezekiel 29 – Egypt’s  Pride and Desolation
30Exile and Genocide in the Ancient  Near East and Ezekiel 30 – A Lament for Egypt
31The Downfall of Tyre and Ezekiel 31 – Parable of the Cedar of Lebanon
32Jezebel and Ezekiel 32 – The Lament for Pharaoh
33Babylon Captivity: Religion (11of 11) and Ezekiel 33 – Ezekiel as the Israel’s Watchman
34Sexuality and Religion in the Sumerian Hymns to Ishtar and Ezekiel 34 – Israel’s Shepherds 
35Ancient Man’s Pagan Cults, Sects, and Religions: Buddhism (1 of 8) and Ezekiel 35 – Prophecy Against Mount Seir
36Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Pergamum (6 of 8) and Ezekiel 36 – A Prophecy of Israel
37Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Ephesus (7 of 8) and Ezekiel 37 – Vision of the Dry Bones in the Valley
38Lost Cities of the Near and Middle-East: Palmyra (8 of 8) and Ezekiel 38 – Prophecy Against Gog
39The Gog and Magog and Ezekiel 39 – Prophecy Against Gog Continued
40Ancient Man’s Pagan Cults, Sects, and Religions: Freemasons (2 of 8) and Ezekiel 40 – The New Temple Arrangements
41Thebes and Ezekiel 41 – The Temple and It’s Walls
42The Necropolis and Ezekiel 42 – The Priests’ Chambers
43Pharaoh Ramesses II and Ezekiel 43 – The Lord’s Glory Fills the Temple
44Paul Harvey nd Ezekiel 44 – The Use of the Temple 
45Brain Implants for the Internet? and Ezekiel 45 – Division of the Land
46Obamacare/666? and Ezekiel 46 – The Work of the Prince and the People
47The New Age Movement and Ezekiel 47 – The River From the Temple
48Ancient Man’s Cults, Sects, and Religions: Hinduism and Ezekiel 48 – The Division of the Land 

Babylon Captivity: Work Travel and Commerce, Part 2 of 2 and Ezekiel 27 – The Lament of Tyrus

Babylon Captivity: Work, Travel and Commerce, Part 2 of 2…

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