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 The Book of Matthew and Matthew, the Person
1Genealogies in Ancient Israel and Matthew 1 – The Genealogy of Jesus
2Un-Authored Disciples and Matthew 2 – The Coming of the Wise Men
3Baptism in the Ancient World and Matthew 3 – John the Baptist
4The Pharisees and Matthew 4 – The Temptation in the Wilderness
5The Sadducees and Matthew 5 – The Beatitudes
6The Sanhedrin and Matthew 6 – Piety and Almsgiving
7Fasting in the Bible and the Ancient Near East and Matthew 7 – Judging and Hipocrisy
8Demons and Matthew 8 – The Leper Cleansed
9Jewish Meals and Meal Customs and Matthew 9 – A Man with Palsy Healed
10The Zealots and the Essenes and Matthew 10 – The Mission of the Twelve
11The Roman Empire: Rise of the Caesars and Matthew 11 – Tribute to John the Baptists
12Reformation of the Roman Army and Matthew 12 – Jesus the Lord of the Sabbath
13Wining and Dining with the Romans and Matthew 13 – The Parable of the Sower
14The Roman Calendar and Matthew 14 – Death of John the Baptist
15The Villas of Pompeii and Matthew 15 – What Defiles a Man
16Aqueducts in the Roman Empire and Matthew 16 – Pharisees Ask for a Sign
17Slavery in the Roman Empire and Matthew 17 –The Transfiguration
18Julian the Apostate and Matthew 18 – The Greatest in the Kingdom
19Houses in the Holy Land of the First Century A.D.: Peter’s House In Capernaum and Matthew 19 – Marriage and Divorce
20The Legend of the “Needle’s Eye Gate” and Matthew 20 – Jesus Foretells His Death
21Eunuchs and Matthew 21 – The Triumphal Entry
22A King Riding on a Donkey and Matthew 22 – The Marriage Dinner
23The Capernaum Synagogue and Matthew 23 – The Woes Upon the Pharisees
24Lost Cities of Africa: Introduction and Matthew 24 – Signs of the End of this Age
25The Lost Cities of Africa: The Great Zimbabwe (1 of 5) and Matthew 25 – The Parable of the Ten Virgins
26The Last Supper and the Passover and Matthew 26 – The Plot to Kill Jesus
27Jesus’ Tomb and Matthew 27 – The Death of Judas Iscariot
28The Soldiers Guarding Jesus’ Tomb and Matthew 28 – The Resurrection of Jesus
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