The Book of Psalms
1Psalm 1 – The Just and the  Unjust
2Psalm 2 – God’s King: The  Messiah
3The Psalm Superscripts and Psalm 3 – David’s Confidence  in the Unchangeable God
4Psalm 4 – David’s Confidence in the Special Care of God
5Ancient Musical Instruments  and Psalm 5 – Jehovah Hears  the Cry of His People
6Psalm 6 – Plea for Mercy
7Psalm 7 – Prayer for Just Punishment of the Oppressor
8The Creation of Humans in  the Sumerian Myth of Enkgs and Psalm 8 – Reign of the  Son of Man
9Psalm 9 – Praising God for  Victory Over the Enemies
10Psalm 10 – Plea of Salvation  from the Wicked
11Psalm 11 – The Just in the  Midst of Wickedness
12Psalm 12 – The Confidence of  the Just in the Midst of  Wickedness
13Psalm 13 – The Confidence of  the Just in the Midst of  Wickedness
14Psalm 14 – General Ruin of Mankind
15Psalm 15 – Marks of the True  God-Fearing
16Psalm 16 – Christ as Perfect  Man
17Psalm 17 – Prayer of the Just  for Protection
18 Gods, Storm Imagery  and Theophany and Psalm 18 – Praise of God
19Psalm 19 – Testimony of God  in Creation
20Psalm 20 – Help from the Sanctuary
21Psalm 21 – Royal Song of  Victory
22Lions and Other Wild Beasts  in Ancient Israel and Psalm 22 –  Christ’s Sufferings and Glory”
23Psalm 23 – Christ, the Good Shepherd
24Psalm 24 – Christ, the King of Glory
25Psalm 25 – Plea for Salvation  and Forgiveness
26Psalm 26 – Prayer of an  Upright Man
27Psalm 27 – Desire for God’s Presence
28Psalm 28 – Cry in Distress
29Ugarit/Ras Shamra and Psalm  29 – God’s Might is Above  Everything
30Sackcloth and Ashes: Rituals  of Lamentation and Psalm 30 – Praise for God’s Help
31Psalm 31 – Salvation from the Enemy
32Psalm 32 – Blessing of Forgiveness
33Psalm 33 – Worship of the  Creator
34The Warrior Creed in the Akkadian Epic of Erra and  Ishum and Psalm 34 –  Experience of Those Who  Love God
35Psalm 35 – Cry for Help of the  One in Distress 
36Psalm 36 – Mind of the  Wicked and the Goodness of God
37A Prayer of Confession to  Marduk and Psalm 37 –  Confidence in God in the  Midst of a Wicked World
38Psalm 38 – Sufferings of the Believers for their Sins
39Psalm 39 – Every Man is  Vanity
40Psalm 40 – Christ the  Obedient Servant of God
41The Elohistic Psalter and  Psalm 41 – Confidence,  Betrayal and Triumph
42Psalm 42 – Desire of the Just  for God
43Psalm 43 – Continuation of  Psalm 42
44Psalm 44 – The People of God  in Distress Cry for God
45The Ancient Near Eastern  King and Psalm 45 – Christ,  King of Bridegroom
46Psalm 46 – God is Refuge and Strength
47Psalm 47 – God’s Reign as  King
48Zaphon, Olympus, Sinai, and  Zion: The Mountain of God  and Psalm 48 – The City of God
49Psalm 49 – Vanity of Earthly Riches
50Psalm 50 – The Just Judgment  of God
51Hyssops and the Rituals of Cleansing and Psalm 51 – Confession of Sins and  Repentance
52Psalm 52 – Condemnation of  the Wicked
53Psalm 53 – Apostasy of the  Wicked
54Psalm 54 – The Cry of the God-Fearing for Salvation
55Psalm 55 – A Lament Over Betrayal
56Psalm 56 – Confidence in the Faithfulness of God
57Psalm 57 – Confidence in the Salvation of God
58Psalm 58 – God Reveals  Himself in Judgment
59Psalm 59 – Help for the  Helpless
60Psalm 60 – Lamentation in  Great Distress
61Psalm 61 – God is the True  Refuge
62Psalm 62 – God Only Saves
63Psalm 63 – Thirst for God
64Psalm 64 – The Fate of the Enemies
65A Ugaritic Prayer for a City  Under Siege and Psalm 65 –  The Rich Blessing of God
66Selah and Psalm 66 – Acknowledgment of Just Intervention of God
67Psalm 67 – Outlook on the Blessing
68Psalm 68 – Liberation is Accomplished
69Psalm 69 – Lamentation of  the Rejected Messiah
70Psalm 70 – Cry for Salvation
71Psalm 71 – Revival of People  of God
72The Coronation of  Ashurbanipal and Psalm 72 – Announcement of Reign of Peace
73Ancient Israelite Poets and  Singers and Psalm 73 – An  Enigma and It’s Solution
74Psalm 74 – Destruction of the Sanctuary
75Psalm 75 – God’s Coming into Action by Judgment
76Psalm 76 – Victorious Might  of God
77Psalm 77 – Retrospect in Faith
78Power Over Egypt in the  Hymn to Osiris and Psalm 78 –  God’s Dealings in the History  of Israel
79Psalm 79 – Prayer at  Destruction of Jerusalem
80Psalm 80 – Prayer of the  People in Their Distress
81Psalm 81 – The People Gather Fresh Hope
82Psalm 82 – God’s Judgment  of the Judges
83Curses and Imprecations and Psalm 83 – Prayer at the  Attack of the Enemy
84Psalm 84 – Taking Pleasure  in the Sanctuary of Jehovah
85Psalm 85 – The People of God  Enjoy the Promised Blessing
86Psalm 86 – The God-Fearing  Soul in Humble Prayer to God
87Psalm 87 – Zion, the City of God
88Psalm 88 – A Prayer Coming  from Deepest Distress
89The Emma Elish and The  Biblical Concept of Creation  and Psalm 89 – Convenant of  God and His Faithfulness 
90Form Criticism and the  Psalms and Psalm 90 – The  Eternal God and Mortal Men  (of Moses; probably the  oldest Psalm)
91Psalm 91 – Exemplary  Confidence of Man in God
92Psalm 92 – Song of Praise in  the Sanctuary
93Psalm 93 – Jehovah Reigns in Majesty
94Psalm 94 – Cry for Justice  and Vengeance
95Psalm 95 – Praise of Jehovah  as Creator and Savior of His People
96Psalm 96 – Praise of Jehovah  as Creator and Judge of the  Earth
97Psalm 97 – Appearing of  Jehovah as King
98The Shofar and Psalm 98 –  Praise of Jehovah, the King
99Thrones in the Ancient World  and Psalm 99 – Jehovah’s Reign
100Psalm 100 – Worldwide  Worship of Jehovah
101Twenty-Five of the Most  Familiar Psalm Lines and  Psalm 101 – Principal of  Jehovah’s Government
102Psalm 102 – God Revealed in  Flesh
103Psalm 103 – Israel’s Praise  Over Ways of God
104The Ugaritic Text of the Myth  of Baal and Psalm 104 –  Praise of Creator-God
105The River is Blood in the  Admonitions of Ipuwer and  Psalm 105 – Historical  Retrospective: God’s  Faithfulness Toward Israel
106Praise of the Bull in the Cairo Hymn of Amon-Re and Psalm 106 – Historical Retrospective: Israel’s Unfaithfulness Toward God
107The Gezer Calendar and Psalm  107 – Jehovah Saves Out of Every Difficulty
108Psalm 108 – The Coming  Salvation
109Psalm 109 – Hostility to Christ
110The Exaltation of a Holy City  in the Psalms and in the Myths and Psalm 110 – Christ as Priest  and King
111Psalm 111 – Praise of the  Wonderful Works of Jehovah
112Psalm 112 – Jehovah’s  Blessing for the God-Fearing
113Psalm 113 – Praise of the  Name of Jehovah
114Psalm 114 – The Might of the  God of Jacob
115Psalm 115 – Honor is Due to  God Only
116A Pagan’s Prayer of Thanks  and Psalm 116 – Praise of God  for His Help in Distress
117Psalm 117 – Praise of the  Nations (This is the shortest  Psalm)
118The Horned Altar and Psalm 118 –  Israel Recognizes the True Corner- Stone (This Psalm is the one most  frequently quoted in the New  Testament)
119Psalm 119 – Praise of the Word  of God (The Longest Psalm)
120Psalm 120 – Solemnity of the  God-Fearing
121Psalm 121 – God as Protector  of Israel
122Psalm 122 – House and City  of God
123Psalm 123 – Israel’s Fountain  of Help in Tribulation
124Psalm 124 – Salvation in  Distress
125Psalm 125 – Perfect Security
126Psalm 126 –Sowing in Tears  and Reaping with Rejoicing
127A Hittite Blessing for a House  and Psalm 127 – Blessing Over  the House
128Psalm 128 – Blessing Over the  Family
129Psalm 129 – God’s Mighty  Hand
130Psalm 130 – Repentance of Forgiveness
131Psalm 131 – Rest and  Satisfaction
132Historians in the Ancient  World and Psalm 132 –  Habitation of Jehovah in Zion
133Psalm 133 – Blessing of  Brotherly Fellowship
134An Akkadian Prayer to the  Gods of the Night and Psalm  134 – Worship in the Sanctuary
135Psalm 135 – Knowing and  Worshiping the True God
136Psalm 136 – Praise of God’s  Eternal Mercy
137Psalm 137 – Reminiscences of  the Exile
138Psalm 138 – Praise of God for  His Salvation
139Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, The  Abyss, and Tartarus: Images  of Hell and Psalm 139 – The  Heart-Searching Presence of  God
140Psalm 140 – Jehovah, the  Fountain of Help for the Just
141Psalm 141 – Prayer of the Just  Amidst the Wicked
142Psalm 142 – Jehovah, the Refuge of the Lonely Ones
143Psalm 143 – Prayer Out of  Deepest Distress
144Warfare in the Ancient World  and Psalm 144 – The True  Fountain of Strength
145Psalm 145 – Praise of God in  the Millennium
146Psalm 146 – Personal Praise  of the Just
147Psalm 147 – Praise of the  People of God
148Psalm 148 – Praise of the  Whole Creation
149Psalm 149 – Praise by a New  Song
150Non-Canoncial Psalms and  Psalm 150 – End: Summary  of God’s Praises
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