The Book of Job
1The Poetical Books and Satan and Job
2The Kirta Epic and Satan and Job Again
3Job, The Person and Job’s Speech
4Dream Oracles in the Ancient World and Eliphaz’s Speech
5Casting Lots and Job’s Reply to Eliphaz
6The Potsherd: Pottery in the Bible and Bildad’s Speech
7Sumerian Scribal Education and Job’s Reply to Bildad
8The Ugaritic Text of the Myth of Baal and Zophar’s Speech
9I Will Praise The Lord Of Wisdom and Job Answers the Three
10Gezer and Second Discourse of Eliphaz
11Taanach and Job Answers
12A Hittite Ritual Against Plague and Bildad Second Discourse
13The Jebusites and Job’s Response 
14The Tale of Aqhat and Zophar’s Second Discourse
15Rabbah and Job Disagrees with his Friends
16The Threshing Floor and Eliphaz’s Third Discourse
17The Jerusalem Pomegranate and Job’s Response to Eliphaz
18Ezion Geber and Job’s Eighth Answer, Part 1 of 5
19The Campaign of Shishak and Job’s Eight Answer, Part 2 of 5
20A Man and His God and Job’s Eighth Answer, Part 3 of 5
21En Gedi and Job’s Eighth Answer, Part 4 of 5
22The Levites and the Priests and Job’s Eighth Answer, Part 5 of 5
23Uzziah, King of Judah, and Jeroboam II, King of Israel and Elihu Declares His Opinion, Part 1 of 5
24The Babylonian Theodicy and Elihu Declares His Opinion, Part 2 of 5
25The Sennacherib Prism and Elihu Declares His Opinion, Part 3 of 5
26Josiah, Zechariah and Neco II and Elihu Declares His Opinion, Part 4 of 5
27The Gathering Storm and Elihu Declares His Opinion, Part 5 of 5
28The Hittite Storm Gods and Jehovah and Job, Part 1 of 4
29The Sippar Cylinder of  Nabonideus and Jehovah and Job, Part 2 of 4
30Book of Enoch and Jehovah and Job, Part 3 of 4 
31Leviathan and Jehovah and Job, Part 4 of 4
32Afterlife and Job Repents in Dust and Ashes 
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