The Book of Proverbs
1Proverbs 1 – Wisdom
2Proverbs 2 – Value of Wisdom
3Ancient Near Easter Wisdom and Proverbs 3 – Trust the Lord, Not Self
4Proverbs 4 – Follow the Lord’s Words for a Safe Path
5Proverbs 5 – Discretion Outside of Marriage
6Heart, Breath, Throat, and Intestines: Ancient Hebrew Anthropology and Proverbs 6 – Idleness, Discord, and Adultery
7Proverbs 7 – The Deceitful Harlot
8Maat and Lady Wisdom and Proverbs 8 – Creation
9Parallels Between the Law and Wisdom and Proverbs 9 – Reproving
10Proverbs 10 – Wickedness
11Justice and Fraud in the Hymn to Shamash and Proverbs 11 – Fair Measure, Character, & Generosity
12Proverbs 12 – Instruction of Love and Lying Lips
13Proverbs 13 – Fruit of Mouth, Pride, and Dishonesty
14The Poor and the Afflicted in Ancient Wisdom Literature and Proverbs 14 – A Way Seems Right 
15Proverbs 15 – Relationships, Gentle Words, and Thoughts
16Proverbs 16 – Overconfidence, Tact, and Pride
17Proverbs 17 – Peace, Feasting, Heart Purity, Children, Cover up, and Money
18Proverbs 18 – Power of Words and Security in the Lord
19Proverbs 19 – Integrity Better than Poverty, Prudent Wife, and Anger
20The Instructions of Anii and Proverbs 20 – Wine Mocks, Self- Glory, True Weights, and Youth
21Proverbs 21 – Lord Turns King’s Heart, Pride, Violence, and Nagging Wife
22The Teaching of Amenemope and Proverbs 22 – Good Name, Parenting, and Diligence
23The Israelite Family and Proverbs 23 – Appetite, Alcoholism, and Honoring Parents
24Proverbs 24 – Wisdom, Character, Revenge, and Laziness
25Proverbs 25 – Self-Exaltation, Words, False Witness, and Lawsuit
26Dogs in the Ancient World and Proverbs 26 – Answering a Fool, Laziness, and Flattery
27Proverbs 27 – Tomorrow, Anger, Rebuke, and Hiding from Evil
28Proverbs 28 – Wicked are Fearful, Prayer Abomination, and Leaving Sin
29Proverbs 29 – Turning Away Anger,  Authority, Children, and Prophecy
30Proverbs 30 – Words of Agur to His Son, Children, and Wisdom
Proverbs 31 – Advice for King Lemuel and a Noble Wife
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