How this Site Came About

You may wonder how and why I created this site.  First off, I have to tell you that this was God’s idea which I will explain in a minute.  Know that everything that God creates or has created for Him, such as this site, was planned before the beginning of time as we know it.

Let me step back 30 odd years ago when I did not believe in God.  I was a radical teenager in the State of Washington traveling deeper and deeper into no man’s land which led me almost to my death (automobile accident – 1978), into the world of cocaine and to prison (1983).

Prison was where I found out that Jesus Christ is real and when I got out I was willing to let Him enter into my world, but I was not ready to change my ways for Him.  That did not work out to well for me because God does not change for us, we change for Him.

From 1983 to around 1991 I tried to do right with God, but of course I also tried to manipulate Him (don’t scrunch your nose at me, I was a con artist).  From 1992 to 2007 I had done my best to walk His way and to understand Him and do right.

Texas, July of 2007, I was arrested for a crime I did not commit.  I can do the time, I had done 9 years in Washington State, but I was devastated by the charge so I literally begged God to help me out and He told me He would (not audibly).

How did I know that God had actually said He would help me?  I can’t explain it, but believe me, when He talks you know it and it can be a bit frightening.  Yet, since this was the first time He had spoken to me I had to ask Him to make sure it was Him, and it was.

I spent 8 months in jail and in that time I had written my testimony and my mother told me that I should make a cartoon for God.  That sounded like a good idea to me, but I’m a writer not a cartoonist, so I tossed that idea away.

Remember that God told me He would help me, and He doesn’t lie, but since I didn’t know Him at the time I didn’t realize that He was going to help me the best way possible, which was not what I wanted.  I just wanted Him to get me out.

Thanks to Washington State (a long story) instead of looking at 10 years I was looking at doing 35 years in Texas, but I ended up doing 3.

In 2008, in prison, one day God said to me, “Let’s do that cartoon.”  He showed me how he wanted it (He didn’t care that I wasn’t an artist), so I drew it.  Yet, many years later I wasn’t happy with the drawing and asked God to help me learn how to draw a bit better.

If I remember correctly I created the blog in March of 2011, but I first posted it on Facebook and below is what it looked like in January 2011.

This is not my site, it belongs to God.  He guides me and directs me in all these pages.  Anything good about it comes from Him, any errors are due to me not hearing Him correctly. 

I’m not saying that each article that I post is because that is what God wants, that is not what I mean.  He gives me complete reign of the site, I can post whatever I want, but sometimes after writing the next day’s page I question if I should post it or not so I ask and sometimes He tells me no so I throw it away and start with a new one.

December of 2010 (6 months after my release) God told me to put Jerry on Facebook.  I had no idea what that was, so He showed me.  A year later He told me that Jerry needed a blog, again, I had no idea what He was talking about, but He showed me.

I had not expected people to read it, I didn’t even think about, but after seeing that over 100,000 people look at this site, which was just a blog, I decided to change it into a website.

So that is how and why it exists.  Thanks and praise God (literally!).