The Winking Rock

One night, around ten o’clock, I was sitting on the back porch smoking a cigarette talking to God.  While I was talking to Him, a movement in front and to the left caught my eye.   Look at the rock.Rock 1

The farthest hole, the one that is a brownish-yellow color (added that for the picture), shook rapidly and then stopped, like a leaf does when the wind blows it.  It did it twice.  There had been a slight breeze, but not enough to even blow the grass.

It appeared that the rock was winking at me.  So I asked God if that was him or a leaf, and He did not answer my question.

The next morning, while I was having a cigarette, I looked at the rock and the leaf was no longer there, I figured the wind blew it away.

That night, again while I was smoking a cigarette, I looked at the rock and the leaf was back.  This surprised me, so I got up to examine it, and there was no leaf.  The hole goes all the way through.  The light from the porch made it appear as though a leaf was in it. 

Therefore I believe that it had been God talking to me since nobody else could make light shake.  Aside from that, the things that I thought He said to me were proven to be true.

City of Rocks, 7th; A Climber’s GuideBook City of Rocks
By Globe Pequot

City of Rocks has been called Americas premiere granite sport climbing area. Tucked away in the enchanting high desert corner of Idaho state, this unique area continues to attract climbers from around the globe.

The City of Rocks is renowned for its fascinating and often bizarre geography, plentiful moderate climbs as well as famous test-pieces of extreme difficulty. With an inviting combination of rustic western atmosphere, scenic camping and well protected climbs, the City of Rocks is a unique and refreshingly enjoyable experience.

This seventh edition of City of Rocks – A Climbers Guide offers the most thorough and up to date information, maps and topos detailing over 750 high quality climbs. Also included are details on local amenities, camping, geology, biking, hiking and running trails, climbing lore, and other Idaho climbing spots to discover.

Rock Climbing Joshua Tree West
Book Rock Climbing

By Globe Pequot

Rock Climbing Joshua Tree West directs you to more than 2,300 rock routes in one of the most popular climbing destinations in the world. This comprehensive guide documents, with unprecedented detail, nearly every climb in the western region of this desert national park: Quail Springs, North Wonderland of Rocks, Lost Horse, Hemingway and Roadside Rocks, Real Hidden Valley, and Hidden Valley Campground and the Outback.

This guide features:

  • Guaranteed binding – if this binding fails, the publisher will replace the book for free
  • Complete written descriptions, recommended gear, and first-ascent information
  • Detailed route photos, topos, and maps
  • Easy-to-follow driving, approach, and descent directions
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