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Zondervan Atlas of the BibleAtlas of the Bible

By Carl G. Rasmussen/Zondervan

Biblical lands come alive like never before—thanks to the latest 3-D imaging technology. Significantly updated, this colorful atlas now includes an expanded introduction; maps of Greece, Turkey, and Italy; a historical progression through the Old and New Testaments; and chapters on biblical archaeology, geography, and the history of Jerusalem. Ideal for quick reference and detailed study.

Babylon Mesopotamia and the Birth of CivilizationBabylon: Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilization
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Civilization was born eight thousand years ago, between the floodplains of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, when migrants from the surrounding mountains and deserts began to create increasingly sophisticated urban societies. In the cities that they built, half of human history took place.

In Babylon, Paul Kriwaczek tells the story of Mesopotamia from the earliest settlements seven thousand years ago to the eclipse of Babylon in the sixth century BCE. Bringing the people of this land to life in vibrant detail, the author chronicles the rise and fall of power during this period and explores the political and social systems, as well as the technical and cultural innovations, which made this land extraordinary. At the heart of this book is the story of Babylon, which rose to prominence under the Amorite king Hammurabi from about 1800 BCE. Even as Babylon’s fortunes waxed and waned, it never lost its allure as the ancient world’s greatest city.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cults Sects and World Religions Revised and UpdatedEncyclopedic Dictionary of Cults, Sects, and World Religions, Revised and Updated

By L.A. Nichols, G.A. Mather & A.J. Schmidt / Zondervan

Wondering about the vast array of belief systems in our diverse world? This newly revised and expanded resource provides fast, reliable information on the history and beliefs of today’s religions. Formerly published as The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions, and the Occult, it features up-to-date information on Islam, Freemasonry, Heaven’s Gate, and more. 560 pages, hardcover from Zondervan.

Great Empires An Illustrated AtlasGreat Empires: An Illustrated Atlasir?t=jandgod20 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1426208294

Experience what life was like when pharaohs erected the majestic pyramids; when Hannibal commanded Carthage’s 40,000 troops; when Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor; and when the drive to conquer defined the destiny of leaders and the lives of ordinary people. Much of human history is destined to be forgotten–but thousands of years have not erased the epic stories of the great empires of the world. Great Empires sweeps through the ages, uncovering the secrets of dynasties from the dawn of human civilization to the 20th century and tracing the path of power around the globe and across the centuries. Each chapter delves into the times, places, and historical forces that gave rise to legendary warriors, charismatic kings, and lasting dynasties. Throughout these epic tales of the great empires we see extraordinary ambition, shrewd calculation, heroic bravery, and surprising foresight–all captured in one complete volume. Organized in chronological order from 2600 B.C. to the 20th century, this comprehensive history weaves together a compelling portrait of more than 30 epic empires using dramatic images, intriguing sidebars, and easy-to-follow time lines. New, meticulously drawn National Geographic maps show the extent of territory held by each empire, major trade routes, paths of military campaigns, locations of principal traded commodities, significant roads, walls and buildings, and sites of pivotal battles. Selected maps also show the changes in physical geography between ancient and modern coastlines. Sidebars, images, and text showcase the historic leaders such as Hammurabi, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Genghis Khan, who had grandiose visions for their world.

Bible History Old TestamentBible History: Old Testament
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In this enduring classic, Edersheim explores the broad sweep of Old Testament history. He brings to his work his immense learning and familiarity with Judaism, as well as his love for Scripture and his desire for every Christian to know and understand the story of God’s redemptive work in history.

This new edition of Edersheim’s classic features the following improvements:

  • Entirely reset in a modern and easy-to-read typeface
  • Complete and unabridged in one volume
  • Arabic numbers replace roman numerals
  • New maps to provide for richer understanding

“In writing it “[Bible History: Old Testament]” I have primarily had in view those who teach and those who learn, whether in the school or in the family. But my scope has also been wider. I have wished to furnish, what may be useful for reading in the family, –what indeed may, in some measure, serve the place of a popular exposition of the sacred history. More than this, I hope it may likewise prove a book to put in the hands of students, to show them what the Bible really teaches.”

Holman Illustrated Bible DictionaryHolman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Revised and Expanded

By C. Brand, C.W. Draper & A. England / B&H Books

The Holman Bible Dictionary edited by Trent C. Butler has become one of the best-selling Bible reference tools since its publication in 1991. Now this revised, updated and expanded edition called the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary offers even greater value to Bible students and teachers with over 250 new articles, new maps and charts, and 90 new contributors. This book is designed both for those who need information quickly and those who want in depth treatments of hundreds of topics. Each entry begins with a brief definition of the word followed by more detailed information. Through its more than 700 full-color graphics, this book brings readers right into the world of the Bible and enables them to better understand the Scriptures.


  • Exhaustive definitions of people, places, things and events-dealing with every subject in the Bible
  • Over 700 full-color photos, illustrations and charts.
  • Unique scale drawings and reconstructions of biblical places and objects based on careful archaeological research.
  • Over 60 new, full-color maps with map index
  • Major articles on theological topics, collective articles on plants, animals, occupations, etc.
  • Pronunciation guide for all proper nouns and other hard-to-pronounce words.
  • Up-to-date archaeological information from excavations in Israel.
  • Timeline that compares biblical history to world history
  • Summary definitions that begin each entry for quick reference.
  • A variety of Bible translations used-the only dictionary that includes the HCSB, NIV, KJV, RSV, NRSV,REB, NASB, ESV, and TEV.
  • Many articles based on the original languages, but written in a user-friendly style. Technical language and abbreviations are avoided.
  • Extensive cross-referencing of related articles
  • “Quicktabs”: marginal alphabetical guides for quick and easy location of information

Illustrated Bible DictionaryIllustrated Bible Dictionary: Based on Articles from the Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible

By J.D. Douglas & M.C. Tenney, edited by M. Silva / Zondervan

The Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary provides a visually stimulating journey for anyone interested in learning more about the world of the Bible. Through the articles, sidebars, charts, maps, and full-color images included in this volume, the text of the Old and New Testaments will come alive for you as never before. As a condensation of the Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, the information contained within this reference work is solid and biblically sound. The material is based completely on the NIV and cross-referenced to the King James Version, and it contains over 7,200 entries, 500 full-color photographs, charts, and illustrations, 75 full-color maps, and a Scripture index … making this wonderful Bible study resource a must-have whether you’re a general reader of the Bible, a pastor, or a student.

Jerusalem The BiographyJerusalem: The Biography

By Simon Sebag Montefiore / Vintage

Jerusalem is the universal city, the capital of two peoples, the shrine of three faiths; it is the prize of empires, the site of Judgment Day and the battlefield of today’s clash of civilizations. From King David to Barack Obama, from the birth of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to the Israel-Palestine conflict, this is the epic history of three thousand years of faith, slaughter, fanaticism and coexistence.

How did this small, remote town become the Holy City, the “center of the world” and now the key to peace in the Middle East? In a gripping narrative, dimply entitled Jerusalem: A Biography Simon Sebag Montefiore reveals this ever-changing city in its many incarnations, bringing every epoch and character blazingly to life.

Jerusalem’s biography is told through the wars, love affairs and revelations of the men and women-kings, empresses, prophets, poets, saints, conquerors and whores-who created, destroyed, chronicled and believed in Jerusalem. As well as the many ordinary Jerusalemites who have left their mark on the city, its cast varies from Solomon, Saladin and Suleiman the Magnificent to Cleopatra, Caligula and Churchill; from Abraham to Jesus and Muhammad; from the ancient world of Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod and Nero to the modern times of the Kaiser, Disraeli, Mark Twain, Lincoln, Rasputin, Lawrence of Arabia and Moshe Dayan.

The Old Scofield® Study Bible KJV Classic EditionKing James Study Bible, Scofield, KJV, Large Print Edition Genuine Leather Burgundy, Indexed

By Oxford University Press

Large print edition King James Version The most comprehensive Study Bible available, printed in a large, readable typeface. The perfect edition for pastor, teacher, or anyone desiring extra large, easy-to-read print. The Scofield Study Bible includes: Unique subject chain reference system that follows major Bible themes throughout Scripture. Comprehensive indexes to annotations and subject chain references for thorough topical study. Informative introductions to each book and section with subheadings. Complete chronologies Detailed concordance with intergrated subject index and dictionary of Scripture proper names. Helps on the same page as the text for ready access to vital definitions and explanations Full color maps Red Letter Edition

KJV The King James Study Bible Leathersoft Burgundy Red Letter Full Color Edition Holy Bible King James VersionKJV, The King James Study Bible, Leathersoft, Burgundy, Red Letter, Full-Color Edition: Holy Bible, King James Version

By Zondervan

The King James Study Bible, Full-Color Edition is the most complete and comprehensive KJV study Bible available. Comprehensive book introductions, doctrinal articles, study notes, commentaries, personality profiles, word studies, and archaeological insights will help you experience the riches of God’s Word. The full-color design, Holy Land images, classic works of art, charts, and maps further enhance your Bible reading experience. With all these features, plus special subject indexes, Christ’s words in red, and an extensive concordance.

Lost Cities of the Ancient WorldLost Cities of the Ancient Worldir?t=jandgod20 20&l=as2&o=1&a=184537942X

This book reveals the stories behind some of the world’s most impressive fallen metropolises. Joel Levy explores 28 abandoned cities and settlements, each with a unique and fascinating story to tell.

Nelsons New Illustrated Bible Manners And Customs How The People Of The Bible Really LivedNelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners And Customs How The People Of The Bible Really Lived
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The most comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate information on life in Bible times available in one volume for the general reader. How the peope of the Bible really lived. Traces everyday Bible life from Geness to Revelation. More than 400 full color and black & white photographs.

Revelation RevealedRevelation Revealed

By Jack Van Impe / Thomas Nelson

Centuries before anyone could make sense of these fantastic warnings, the prophets declared that the mysteries of Revelation would not be understood until the Last Days. Verse by verse and chapter by chapter, Jack Van Impe, reviews John’s portrait of history’s final claims.



Rome An Empires StoryRome: An Empire’s Story

By Greg Woolf / Oxford University Press

“In this passionately told exploration, Woolf peers closely at what enabled Rome to resist defeats and capitalize on victories, and how it evolved to face new needs and new threats. With dazzling detail, Woolf retells the long story from Rome’s birth in 753 B.C.E. to the republic, the empire, and the empire’s fall,”—Publishers Weekly. 384 pages, hardcover.


Rose Book of Bible Charts Maps and TimelinesRose Book of Bible Maps, Charts & Time Lines – 10th Anniversary Edition

By Rose Publishing

Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps & Time Lines has been a must-have resource for every Pastor, teacher and Bible study leader for the past ten years.

Now get the updated and redesigned Anniversary Edition of this best-selling book, Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines 10th Anniversary Edition!

Enjoy this best-selling book expanded with new charts, upgraded maps highlighting modern-day cities and countries, and up-to-date facts and statistics! Includes 216 reproducible pages of illustrations, charts, and maps on a variety of Bible topics, with two fold-outs of the genealogy of Jesus, cutaway Tabernacle illustration and Bible Time Line.

The Annals of the WorldThe Annals of the World

By Master Books

Spanning the years between creation and A.D. 70, Archbishop Ussher’s 17th-century masterpiece recorded world history—and made it! Now his influential classic is available in modern English. Completely indexed, precisely dated, and filled with fascinating historical detail from the ancient world, it’s a must-have reference for your library or classroom. 960 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ softcover from Master Books.

The Illustrated Bible Story by StoryThe Illustrated Bible: Story by Story


Told with all the insight and unique information DK is known for bringing to history, The Illustrated Bible Story by Story not only re-tells the Bible’s most well-known events, but also explains the cultures in which it was written, summarizes primary people and places, and provides maps, timelines, key lists, and location photography. Learn even more about the Bible and let it inspire you to dig deeper into the truth! 510 pages.

The New Lion Bible EncyclopediaThe New Lion Bible Encyclopedia
By Mike Beaumont / Lion Hudson

The Bible has made a huge impact on people for thousands of years – and continues to do so today. But what is it? Why does it matter? How was it written, and how did it come down to us? What was it like to live in the time of Jesus, or even earlier? What did people eat and drink? What did they wear?

This fascinating new book will answer all your questions, and more. The New Lion Bible Encyclopedia provides a wonderful guide to the people, the places, the events and the ideas that make up the Bible. With its accessible text, full color pages, illustrations, maps, charts, feature boxes, diagrams and tables, all the information you could ever need is brought together, in one volume, to instruct, delight and entertain. A final ‘Fast Facts’ section brings key facts to the reader’s fingertips.
The Outline of Historyir?t=jandgod20 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00187WLOMThe Outline of History: The Whole Story of Man (2 Volumes)ir?t=jandgod20 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00187WLOM

Written in the first part of the 20th century, this work was ahead of its time. it delineates the stupidity of mankind through the ages. It also show the restrictive power of organized religion on the education of the human race. the heir-achy of each successive founding of faith ignores the reality of the gift of god in the all too often successful suppression of mankind in order to suppress the masses ans use them to amass wealth for the over-glorified leaders of the CHURCH whatever domination you choose to research. Great read and very enlightening.

Whos Who in the BibleThe Complete Book of Who’s Who in the Bible

By Philip W. Comfort & Walter A. Elwell / Tyndale House

This book is the ultimate Bible resource providing readers a complete listing of every person in the Bible arranged alphabetically and accompanied by Scripture and descriptions of their lives and accomplishments. It also includes short overviews called Quick Takes on prominent people in the Bible that give information on their strengths, weaknesses and lessons from their lives.

And hundreds and hundreds of websites.

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