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HabakkukHabakkuk lived in Judah and was a contemporary of the prophets Nahumand Jeremiah. He preached during the last days of Judah before its fall in 586 B.C.

Habakkuk foresaw the doom that awaited Jerusalem and was troubled by two questions:

1. Why would God allow evil to exist in the nation of Judah?

2. How could God use a sinful nation like Babylon to punish Judah for its sins?

God answered Habakkuk and gave him far more than what he had asked – a vision of God Himself. This gave Habakkuk the courage to live through those dark days with a sense of focus and determination.

The theme of the Book of Habakkuk involves the sovereignty of God and the need for people to trust in Him.

Habakkuk also prophesized about the fall of the Babylonian Empire.

His book is the eighth among the Minor Prophets. The exact dates during which he wrote his book are uncertain, but it might have been during the reigns of King Josiah and King Jehoiakim.

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