Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Straight From the Horses Mouth

Hello friend, allow me to introduce myself, hear me loud and hear me well. I am the one and only semisynthetic diacetylmorphine, I was born 95 years ago in old Germany.

I am a narcotic, my friend, an opiate, derived from Morphine. I am best known as Smack, Horse or the Big H, but only my real name, Heroin, can define me properly.

I am exceedingly powerful, I have by-passed the strength of Morphine. You will be hooked in the blink of an eye, your tolerance will rapidly grow.

I am nationwide, a star, the King from Hell. I am snow white, pure crystal, my taste is bitter and my touch is fatal.

My American family alone is an easy 1½ million, I am the King and they are my pawns. They turn to Methadone to escape me, but always come back.

I am a professional murderer, a Central Nervous System depressant. I will turn your thoughts into babbling mush, remove your aggressiveness and delete your sexual drive.

I will depress your appetite and your ability to cough, you will scratch like a flea infested dog. I will rape your health, dementia will become your new personality.

I turn millionaires into welfare cases. I will only give you misery and sleep for I am a thief, the god of the Land of Nod.

You will be victimized by necrosis, Your body tissues will slowly decay. You will smile like a moron, as you nod off into the reality that only I can create for you.

I am Death’s harlot, a truly dead lay!

by Curt Stowell August 9, 1993

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