Snow Ride

Snow Ride
The name is all around, a pure white alkaloid.

Albert Niemann is my pa, the cocoa bush my creator.

I swing with Tarzan, party with Jane.

I am wild, ecstatic, and out of control, a true filthy bitch.

I have made it with Inca priests and their nobles,

fought wars with Bavarian soldiers.

Been with Freud, Coca-Cola too.

I am just a little German girl, I dare you to hold my hand.

Take me into your arms, feel me attack

your Central Nervous System.

I will give you the euphoria of loss, the rush of destruction.

I have watched century past,

taught amphetamines all that they know.

I party with airplane pilots,

steer the big yachts,

toot the trains,

and seen the moon.

Make sure your ski shoes are on tight,

I am going to crystalize your mind.

A bad dream I am not, I’m a horrifying reality.

Try me out once and you will see,

Mount Saint Helen’s blow cannot compete with mine.

I have destroyed professionals,

changed genius’s minds.

I have ruined relationships,

and destroyed more lives than Hitler can count.

I will steal your sleep so you will not make sense,

your behavior will be more irrational then a schizophrenic’s.

Your checks will be a rubber ball, credit obsolete.

You will trade your automobile for a fix,

turn your house into a Brothel.

The head whore will be you, your spouse being shared.

I will prolong your physical endurance,

retard your fatigue and hunger for a bit longer,

then whip you with a cat-o-nine tails.

Your heart will beat like the speed of light.

Your eyes will play golf,

you will look like a sweat house

and smell like a hog.

I am the Snow Queen, the Big “C,”

The Bitch of Destruction.

I will make you irritable and depressed,

but now you are mine and cannot leave me for not.

You will visualize the “not for reals,”

having fear and paranoia for breakfast.

Yes, I am extremely proud of myself,

for my word is law in the land of Crystals.

You will rob and kill for me,

you will vandalize your own mother for that rush of destruction.

I turn women into greedy, cheating, lying pros,

and men into impotent fools.


the name is Cocaine, Snowy Magic,

The Black Rose of deadened life.

by Curt Stowell
August 17, 1993

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