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My Name is Cocaine

Button - VolcanoBeware my friend,

my name is Cocaine, coke for short.

I entered this country

without a passport.

Ever since then I’ve been hunted and sought;

by junkies and pushers and plain clothes hicks,

mostly by users who need a quick fix.

I’m more valued than diamonds,

more treasured than gold.

Use me once and you too will be sold:

I’ll make a school boy forget his books;

I’ll make a beauty queen forget her looks;

I’ll take a renown speaker and make him a bore;

I’ll take your mama and make her a whore;

I’ll make a school teacher forget how to teach;

I’ll make a preacher not want to preach.

All kinds of people have fallen under my wing.

Just look around, you can see the results of my sting:

I’ve got daughters turning on their mothers;

I’ve got sisters robbing their brothers;

I’ve got burglars robbing the Lord’s house;

I’ve got husbands pimping their spouse.

I’m the king of crime and the prince of destruction,

I’ll cause the organs of your body to malfunction;

I’ll cause your babies to be born hooked;

I’ll turn an honest man into a crook;

I’ll make you rob, steal, and kill.

When you’re under my power,

you will have no will.

Remember my friend,

my name is big “C,”

some call me the white lady.

I’ve destroyed actors, politicians and sports heroes;

I’ve decreased bank accounts from millions to zero;

I’m a bad habit, too tough for the man,

I’ve caused the law to invest in the battering-ram.

Yeah, I’m making graves all over the earth,

Don’t believe me just check-out Brynhurst;

I’ve got them standing on the corners yelling “Rock.”

I’ve made it to where shooting and

stabbings are common on the block.

Well, now you know, what will you do?

Remember, my friend,

it’s all up to you.

If you decide to jump in my saddle, you’d better ride me well

for on the white horse of cocaine, I’ll ride you straight to hell.

Author Unknown

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    1. She wrote the peom many years agoy mother even knows it by heart. My grandmother was badly hooked on coke for over 20 years. She became clean 7-8 years ago. She sold, did, and lived coke lost her medical degrees and all over it.

  1. That is not the original poem there were more words added from when I first read and seen this poem. In the elev

  2. That is not the original poem there were more words added from when I first read and seen this poem. In the elevator at the courthouse. Downtown Columbus Ohio.

  3. I recited this poem over 20 years ago and remember it almost to the letter. The last part should say I’m the white horse not on the white horse, otherwise its spit on- such a powerful poem.

  4. My dad would force me against my will as a kid to speak aloud and recite the original poem in front of downtown Dallas city council in a karate suit at their meetings I hated doing this but did so anyway multiple times. Met leaders politicians & interesting people & was actually awarded & deemed child activist by mayor al lipscomb. My dad lost that award somehow-it was beautiful.diane burl& al

    1. you are right. it was written behind prison walls. it was in lethbridge, and it was handed in to the classroom’s that the prisoners go to in “lake shore campus” and then reveled from there in 1998. I cant believe how far it has gone since then. and why would somebody want to take credit for someone else’s achievement’s?

    1. I didn’t change the words, that is how I found it online. I have no idea who wrote it. One person told me their grandmother wrote it, but the words were changed from the original. Another person told me it was written on the prison walls. Who is to know other than God.

      1. My grandma wrote it! I serious! She was hooked on come for over 20+ years from when my mom was a kid. She sold, did and lived coke in her life time. She wrote this at the beginning when my mom was a kid.

  5. one of you is right. it was written behind prison walls. it was in lethbridge, and it was written in the classroomas that the prisoners go to in lake shore campus. in 1998.

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