The Book of Luke
1Caesar Augustus, Emperor of Rome and Luke 1 – Birth of John the Baptist Foretold
2Birthplace of Jesus and Luke 2 – The Birth of Jesus
3Empires of the Middle Ages: The Byzantine Empire: The Creation of the Roman Empire and Luke 3 – John the Baptists
4Top 10 Greatest Empires and Luke 4 – The Temptation in the Wilderness
5The Byzantine Empire: Creating the New Rome and Luke 5 – The Call of the First Disciples
6St. Catherine’s Monastery and Luke 6 – The Law of Love
7Blues vs. Greens and Luke 7 – The Centurion’s Servant Healed
8Hagia Sophia and Luke 8 – The Parable of the Sower
9Emperor Irene and Luke 9 – The Mission of the Twelve
10The Varangian Guard and Luke 10 – The Mission of the Seventy
11Byzantium and Russia and Luke 11 – Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
12The Mythology of Day and Night and Luke 12 – The Value of Life
13Fifteen Quotes by Famous Atheists and Luke 13 – Jesus’ Call to Repentance
14Quotes About Jesus and Luke 14 – Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
15Creation of the World and Luke 15 – The Parable of the Lost Sheep
16Creation of the World II and Luke 16 – The Unrighteous Steward
17Engineering That Endured: The Railroad Track and Luke 17 – Faith and Forgiveness
18Lost Cities of Africa: Alexandria (4 of 5) and Luke 18 – The Widow and the Judge
19The Library of Alexandria and Luke 19 – The Conversion of Zaccheus
20World of Witchcraft and Luke 20 – Jesus’ Authority Challenged
21Top 10 of 20 Most Famous Love Stories in History and Literature and Luke 21 – The Widow’s Offering
22Coins and Numismatics and Luke 22 – The Plot to Kill Jesus
23Disease and Medicine with Ancient Man and Luke 23 – Jesus before Pontius Pilate
24Jewish Burial Places and Luke 24 – The Walk to Emmaus
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