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God’s Love For Us Brings Tears to His Eyes

Many do not believe what the Bible says is true, so hear the same thing Moses said from the renowned historian Flavius Josephus.

Jesus Cries 1Know that our actions can make God Himself cry and know that when God says that all non-believers will spend eternity in hell He means it.

Moses came not boldly to the multitude, and informed them that God was moved at their abuse of him, and would inflict punishment upon him, not indeed such as they deserved for their sins, but such as parents inflict on their children, in order to their correction.

For he said, that when he was in the tabernacle, and was bewailing with tears that destruction which was coming upon them God put him in mind what things he had done for them, and what benefits they had received from him, and yet how ungrateful they had been to him, that just now they had been induced, through the timorousness of the spies, to think that their words were truer than his own promise to them; and that on this account, though he would not indeed destroy them all, nor utterly exterminate their nation which he had honored more than any other part of mankind, yet he would nor permit them Jesus Cries 2to take possession of the land of Canaan, nor enjoy its happiness; but would make them wander in the wilderness, and live without a fixed habitation, and without a city, for forty years together, as a punishment for this their transgression; but that he hath promised to give that land to our children, and that he would make them the possessors of those good things which, by your ungoverned passions, you have deprived yourselves of.

When Moses had discoursed thus to them, according to the direction of God, the multitude grieved, and were in affliction; and entreated Moses to procure their reconciliation to God, and to permit them no longer to wander in the wilderness, but to bestow cities upon them; but he replied that God would not admit of any such trial, for that God was not moved to this determination from any human levity or anger, but that he had judicially condemned them to that punishment.

Book - FlaviousThe Complete Works of Flavius Josephus

By Translated by William Whiston / New Leaf Publishing

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Book - MiseryMisery Loves Company, But God Loves Us More

By Adrienne L. Miller / Xulon Press

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