Book of GenesisHeaven and Earth: Day 1, 4004 B.C.The Firmament – Day 2 Dry Land – Day 3The Sun, Moon, and Stars – Day 4Fish, Bird and Creatures – Day 5 & Prehistoric Creatures, Part 1 of 3
God Speaks and Things Happen & Prehistoric Creatures, Part 2 of 3The Animals and Creeping Things – Day 6, Part 1 & Prehistoric Creatures, Part 3 of 3Man – Day 6, Part 2Gen 1:20-23
The Garden of Eden
Adam Feeds the Animals & Euphrates and MesopotamiaEve & Marriage
Marriage & SexDivorceWhy Did God Create Man? & End of CreationThe Sabbath – Day 7 & Geographical IntroductionLife on Earth Begins & The Fall of Man ReturnCaught & The Serpent Motif in Other Ancient Near Eastern Literature
The First Human Sin & Serpent SeedFirst Animal Sacrifice & What is Animal Sacrifice?The Power of SinBirth of Cain and AbelFirst Murder & Ancient Roman Law and PunishmentCain’s Punishment and Vagabonds & Human Brandingt
Replenishment of the Earth and Filled to the BrimGiants, 3769 B.C. and Giants of B.C. & A.D.Before the Flood and NoahWho Was Noah? and Noah’s ArkThe Flood – 2349 B.C. and Noah’s Ark FoundLife After the Flood and Ancient Flood Narratives

God’s Promise of the Rainbow and Explanation of the Rainbow

The Sins of Noah and Ham & Table of Nations

Tower of Babel – 2242 B.C. and Proof of the Tower of Babel.

Who Was Abram? – 1996 B.C. & Abraham’s Homeland
Egypt and Old Testament WorldOn the Way to Sodom and Gomorrah
War to Sodom and Gomorrah & Hollywood: The Sodom and Gomorrah of TodayA Child is Promised and The Patriarchal Period- Mesopotamia During the Time of AbrahamIshmael is BornCircumcision and Naming of ChildrenSarai Laughs and The Role of Patriarch in Family LifeSodom and Gomorrah – 2349 B.C.& Sodom and Gomorrah Explained
Fire and Brimstone & Fire and Brimstone ExplainedZoar & The City of ZoarAbraham and Abimelich & The World of PatriarchsWho Was Isaac? – 1896 B.C. & IsaacIsaac Offered as a Sacrifice to God – 1871 B.C. & Custom and Law in Ancient MesopotamiaDeath and Burial of Sarah – 1859
A Bride for Isaac – 1856 B.C.Abraham and Keturah & Jacob/Isaiah Isaac’s Covenant – 1804 B.C. & Rights of the First BornJacob Steals Esau’s Blessing – 1760 B.C. & Ancient City of HaranJacob’s Dreams & Paddan AramRachel and Leah & Ancient City of Nuzi
Jacob’s Departure & The Twelve Tribes of IsraelJacob Wrestles with an Ange & Ancient City of MarilRape & The HurriansMoving Again & The City of BethelJoseph’s Dreams -1728 B.C.Judah and Tamar & The Tribal Allotments of Israel
Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife & The Two BrothersJoseph Interprets Dreams & Dreams in Ancient TimesPharaoh’s Dreams – 1715 & Ancient Egypt and FreudFamine, Part 1 of 2 – 1708 B.C. & Famine in Ancient Egypt Famine, Part 2 of 2 – 1708 B.C. & Evidence: Famines & Diseases Abound.

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