Book of Zechariah
1Angels and Guardian Spirits in the Bible and the Ancient Near East and Zechariah 1 – Call for National Repentance
2Ancient Aliens Theory and Zechariah 2 – The Measuring Line of Jerusalem 
3Judaism and Zechariah 3 – Joshua Cleansed and Reclothed
4Lost Cities of Europe: Knossos (3 of 4) and Zechariah 4 – The Candlestick and Two Olive Trees
5Zechariah’s Authorship and Zechariah 5 – The Flying Roll
6Lost Cities of Europe: Entremont (4 of 4) and Zechariah 6 –Four Chariots of Divine Judgment
7Khmer, An Empire of Temples and Zechariah 7 – Hearts of Stone
8Angkor Wat and Zechariah 8 – God’s Intent to Restore Jerusalem
9The Mongols and Zechariah 9 – The Coming of the King
10The Mongol Army and Zechariah 10 –The Redemption of God’s People
11The Tomb of Genghis Khan and Zechariah 11 – The Rejection of the King
12The Tatars and Zechariah 12 – The Compassion of Jerusalem
13Joseph Stalin and the Tatars and Zechariah 13 – Israel Chastened
14Timur the Lame and Zechariah 14 – Judah’s King Supreme 


 The Book of Micah
1Great Empires: Mediterranean Conquests: Alexander’s Empire and Micah 1 – Samaria and Judah
2Alexander’s Army and Micah 2 – Wicked Deeds of the Rich
3Execution by Assumption and Micah 3 – Israel’s Sins Denounced
4Carthage and Micah 4 – The Coming of Law and Peace
5Hamilcar Barca and Micah 5 – The Coming Ruler and His Reign
6Hannibal’s Elephants and Micah 6 – God’s Complaint
7Adullam and Micah 7 – The Counsel of Despair 


 The Book of Amo
1Queen Nefertiti and Amos 1 – Judgment 
2Queen Nefertiti vs. Cleopatra and Amos 2 – Prophecy Against Israel
3King Tut and Amos 3 – The Relationship of Israel to God
4The Samaria Ivories and Amos 4 – Israel’s Failure to Return to God
5Ancient Board Games and Amos 5 – The Call to Repentance
6Sacred Cats and Amos 6 – Captivity Inevitable
7The Nimrod Ivories and Amos 7 – Two Plagues
8Prophets in the Bible and Pagan Nations and Amos 8 – The Vision of Israel’s Ruin
9Ancient Man’s Cults, Sects, and Religions: Jainism (6 of 9) and Amos 9 – The Destruction of the Sanctuary